We’re under construction, and can’t wait to start supporting ethical businesses near and dear to Canada! We aim to be your honest resource for buying whatever you need from businesses with real people and real ethics, that want nothing but good for our planet, ourselves, and each other.

Right now we’re working on collecting donations so we can get serious about starting up and building this resource. You can help to support ethical businesses and responsible consumerism in the Canadian marketplace by donating to our fundraiser here. While this website is being put together, there are a lot more details on our GoFundMe page about who we are, our vision and the steps we’re taking to bring it to life. Even if you can’t donate today, you can still help by sharing our campaign. We are immensely grateful for every donation, share, and positive thought our way.

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If you’d like to drop us a line to share your favourite ethical businesses in Canada (or awesomely ethical businesses nearby), want to know how you can help, or just want to let us know what a great idea you think this is, you can contact us at info@BuyEthical.ca .